Ray-ban Sunglasses

In order to understand the well-known brand of sunglasses Ray-Ban, first we need to go back in time. The beginning of this company is in the thirties, when the airplanes and aircraft were booming, allowing pilots to fly higher and faster. Many US military pilots began complaining of severe headaches due to glare from the sun and altitude problems. For this reason, in 1937 the New York Company of ophthalmologists Bausch & Lomb created the famous product line of sunglasses Ray-Ban. However, later in 1999, the company was acquired by the great Italian company Luxottica, who has turned the [read more]
Ray-ban is a well-known brand of sunglasses. The Ray-ban brand offers a whole host of styles of glasses with an unbeatable quality in the world of eyewear. The many styles, types and designs are must-haves in the world of sunglasses. Your Ray-ban sunglasses online at a very special price in Perfumes Club. Take care of your eyes and treat yourself to the very best.
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